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Success doesn’t speak for itself, our clients do that for us!

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It’s normal to feel nervous before making a commitment to a healthy future. These client testimonials add real improved stats & benefits to demonstrate how Fit22 can be the right fit for you!


From no motivation to inspiration


When Tillicoultry’s Kirsty acknowledged that a private training service was starting in the area, she decided it was a sign. At age 43, this would be a last ditch attempt to see what all the fuss was about exercising. 


“I never enjoyed a fitness class, I felt uncomfortable with trying to keep up, self conscious about being in the room and worrying about standing out for the wrong reasons. I always felt out of breath in sweaty aerobic sessions and needed more water breaks than the other women, it never felt a pleasant experience.” 


Kirsty had noticed great results in her sister attending classes but the longer she went without doing anything, the fear of starting got worse. Kirsty suggested to Lynne that she gave her home gym a try. Booking in for twice a week and taking advice on how to fit more steps into her life around the sessions.


The first thing Fit22 did was get Kirsty to keep a food diary for a week. This provided an insight into her lifestyle, energy levels and places for improvement. Keeping a diary also adds a sense of awareness so straight away some choices were swapped out. 


After discussing likes and dislikes and body trouble areas, a weight training program was devised. Even during holiday’s FaceTime sessions were swapped in. 

Kirsty watched herself perform in the mirror, for checking form but also was in awe watching herself lift barbells and smashing previous weeks weights. 


Since starting within 6 months Kirsty 

  • dropped 2 dress sizes

  • Lost 12 inches all over 

  • Lost 10lbs in weight  

  • BMI dropped 2 points 

  • & dropped 3% in Body fat 

  • Chest press started at 2.3kg & now lifting 6.5kg 

as well as being active with her son at weekends where cycling or nature walks became a routine 

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It’s not just about the stats which I’m buzzing about. Getting into clothes & jeans that didn’t fit. I’ve never stuck to anything for longer than a few weeks but I’m learning it’s not about the quick fix, I’m changing my lifestyle without starving and being miserable and becoming more active with my son.

I’ve gained so much confidence and can’t believe I look forward to exercising- we have such a laugh and I never know what I’m getting when I show up ready to go!

Lynne and Kirsty copy.jpg


Kirsty was a model client, I know she was never into exercise but felt that guilt we all tend to feel as it’s highlighted in the media how important it is for our health. All Kirsty needed was the private space to learn with no anxiety of a crowd. It’s incredible to watch what she can achieve and her attitude is on point. With working and busy life’s, clients need flexibility and that’s what we offer at Fit22 as we know plans can change so quickly.

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