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Working with employees to maximise health and wellbeing

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In 2020/21 there were an estimated 822,000 workers affected by work related stress, depression or anxiety. This represents 2,480 per 100,000 workers. Furthermore, this same period saw work related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health. 

Supporting staff with their well-being can reduce absenteeism and provide employees with positive improvement to improve their overall physical and mental well-being. With 22 years in a corporate environment, public speaking to businesses associates comes second nature to our trainer. Bring with that a passion for supporting staff who struggle, often in silence especially in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous working world.

Speaking events can be arranged by video conference or face to face.

These could be for a Team building or teacher inservice days, a one off event or a series of topics:


  • Combating Stress

  • Working from home

  • Work life balance

  • Nutrition

  • Weight loss or maintenance

  • Well-being & career aspirations & hobbies

  • Time organisation

  • Self assertion & confidence

  • Sustainability - for the work, home, lifestyle

  • Exercise - what need, options, what to know, how often, where to start 

HSE Gov March '21

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Diet and nutrition

If exercise right now is too uncomfortable to think about, consider a food diary analysis. This includes recommendations, calories & macronutrients specific to you without eating from Tupperware! Tailored to your likes, goals and levels of cooking! 

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Overseas training

As well as Online offering wherever you are on the globe, there are face to face PT sessions available in the Costa Blanca region of Spain to ensure you can stay on track with your fitness goals in the sun! 

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